A New Family of Semicircular and Circular Arc Tan-Exponential Type Distributions

Phani Yedlapalli, S.V.S. Girija, A.V. Dattatreya Rao, Sastry K. L. N


In this paper, an attempt is made to construct a new family of two parameter semicircular model, we call this as Semicircular Arc Tan-Exponential Type distribution, by applying simple projection on Arc Tan-Exponential Type distribution ([Y. Phani, S.V.S. Girija, A.V.D. Rao, Arc Tan-Exponential Type distribution induced by stereographic projection/ bilinear transformation on modified wrapped exponential distribution, Journal of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Informatics (JAMSI) 9 (1) (2013) 69--74]) for modeling semicircular data, probability density and cumulative distribution functions of said model are presented and their graphs are plotted for various values of parameters. It is extended to the  $l$-axial Arc Tan-Exponential Type distribution by simple transformation for modeling any arc of arbitrary length.

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