Sea Surface Elevation of the Primitive Equation Oceanic Model for the Gulf of Thailand

W. Wannawong, U. Humphries, A. Luadsong


A sea surface elevation of the primitive equation oceanic model is proposed by studying in the Gulf of Thailand (GoT) from $98.54^\circ E$ to $105.54^\circ E$ in longitude and from $5.54^\circ N$ to $14.54^\circ N$ in latitude. The sea surface elevation is the displacement of the oceanic surface of waves which affects to the energy of the waves. In this paper, we study the sea surface elevation of motion of sea water which consists of wave interaction terms. They were derived via the sigma coordinate system by using the Princeton Oceanic Model (POM2k Version 2004) with topography from DBDB5 data and initial data of temperature and salinity from LEVITUS94 data.

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