Three-Step Iterative Scheme for Solvability of Generalized Quasi-Variational Like Inclusions in Hilbert spaces

M. I. Bhat, Bisma Zahoor


In this paper, we consider the system of generalized nonlinear variational-like inclusions in Hilbert spaces. In particular, system of generalized nonlinearvariational-like inclusions reduces to a variational inclusion, an extension of varia-tional inclusion studied by Hassouni and Mouda. Using xed-point technique, wedevelop a three-step iterative algorithm for solving the system of generalized non-linear variational-like inclusions. Further, we prove the existence of solution anddiscuss convergence criteria for the approximate solution of the system of general-ized nonlinear variational-like inclusions. Our three-step iterative algorithm and itsconvergence results are new and the theorems presented in this paper improve andunify many known results in the literature as well.


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