Free Vibration Analysis of Waves in a Microstretch Viscoelastic Layer

Rajneesh Kumar, Geeta Partap


The free vibration analysis of waves in a homogeneous isotropic microstretch viscoelastic layer subjected to stress-free conditions is investigated. Mathematical modeling of the problem of obtaining dispersion curves for microstretch viscoelastic layer leads to coupled differential equations. The mathematical model has been simplified by using the Helmholtz decomposition technique and the resulting equations have been solved by using variable separable method to obtain the secular equations for both symmetric and skew-symmetric wave mode propagation. The special cases such as short wavelength and regions of secular equations are deduced and discussed. The dispersion curves, amplitudes of displacement components, microrotation and microstretch for symmetric and skew-symmetric modes are computed numerically and presented graphically. Results of some earlier workers have been deduced as particular cases.

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