Numerical Modeling and Computation of Storm Surge for Primitive Equation by Hydrodynamic Model

W. Wannawong, U.W. Humphries, P. Wongwises, S. Vongvisessomjai, W. Lueangaram


The numerical modeling and computation of storm surge in the shallow regions of the South China Sea (SCS) and the Gulf of Thailand (GoT) are important to study the impacts of tropical storms. The storm surge causes the inundation at the lateral boundary exhibiting in the coastal zones of some parts of the SCS and GoT. The predictions of extreme weather events in the SCS and GoT are important to protect the local properties and human life. In the present study, the Princeton Oceanic Model (POM) is used to simulate the tropical storm–induced surge in a case study of Typhoon Linda 1997. The model results compared with the tide gauge station data can describe the characteristics of storm surges at the coastal regions.

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