Characteristics of Conformal Ricci Soliton on Warped Product Spaces

Dipen Ganguly, Nirabhra Basu, Arindam Bhattacharyya


Conformal Ricci solitons are self similar solutions of the conformal Ricci flow equation. This paper deals with the study of conformal Ricci solitons within the framework of warped product manifolds which extends the notion of usual Riemannian product manifolds. First, we prove that if a warped product manifold admits conformal Ricci soliton then the base and the fiber also share the same property. In the next section the characterization of conformal Ricci solitons on warped product manifolds in terms of Killing and conformal vector fields has been studied. Next, we prove that a warped product manifold admitting conformal Ricci soliton with concurrent potential vector field is Ricci flat. Finally, an application of conformal Ricci soliton on a class of warped product spacetimes namely, generalized Robertson-Walker spacetimes has been discussed.

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