Temperature Dependence of an Elastic Modulus in Three-dimensional Generalized Thermoelasticity With Dual-phase-lag Effects

Nantu Sarkar


A three-dimensional problem for a homogeneous isotropic thermoelastic
half-space with temperature-dependent mechanical properties subjected to
a time-dependent heat source on the boundary of the space, which is traction free
is considered in the context of the generalized thermoelasticity with dual-phase-lag
effects. Normal mode analysis and eigenvalue approach techniques are used to solve
the resulting non-dimensional coupled field equations. Numerical results for the
temperature, thermal stresses and displacement distributions are presented graphically
and analyze the results. A comparison is made with the results obtained
in case of temperature-independent modulus of elasticity. Various problems of
generalized thermoelasticity and conventional coupled dynamical thermoelasticity
have been deduced as special cases of our problem.


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