A Note on Strongly Sum Difference Quotient Graphs

C.S. Shivakumar Swamy, A.S. Shrikanth, M.A. Sriraj


Recently, Adiga and Shivakumar Swamy [1] have introduced the concept of strongly sum difference quotient (SSDQ) graphs and shown that all graphs such as cycles, flowers and wheels are SSDQ graphs. They have also derived an explicit formula for $\alpha(n),$ the maximum number of edges in a SSDQ graphs of order $\textrm {n}$ in terms of Eulers phi function. In this paper, we show that much studied families of graphs such as Mycielskian of the path $ P_{n} $ and the cycle $C_{n},$ $ C_{n} \times P_{n},$ double triangular snake graphs and total graph of $ C_{n}$ are strongly sum difference quotient graphs.

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