Lamb Waves in a Fluid Saturated Incompressible Porous Plate Bordered with Layers of Inviscid Liquid

Rajneesh Kumar, B. S. Hundal


The propagation of Lamb waves in a fluid saturated porous plate, consisting of a microscopically incompressible solid skeleton containing microscopically incompressible liquid and bordered with layers of inviscid liquid or halfspaces of inviscid liquid on both sides is investigated. The frequency equations for the plate in closed form and isolated mathematical conditions for symmetric and skew-symmetric wave modes in completely separate terms are derived. The results for empty porous incompressible isotropic elastic plate have been obtained as the particular cases. The special cases, such as short wavelength waves and the leaky Lamb waves are also obtained and discussed. Results at various steps are compared with the corresponding results of classical theory and finally the variations of phase velocity, attenuation coefficient with wave number and displacement amplitudes with distance from the boundary of the plate is presented graphically and discussed.

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