Special Issue (2018) on: The 22nd Annual Meeting in Mathematics (AMM 2017)

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A Special Issue on AMM2017

Editorial PDF
Thanasak Mouktonglang
Derivation of Lie Groups for Some Higher Order Stochastic Differential Equations PDF
Sasikarn Sakulrang, Surattana Sungnul, Boonlert Srihirun, Elvin J. Moore 1-20
An Application of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for Estimating Missing Data of Patients in Different Cause Groups PDF
Norapon Sukuntee, Saifon Chaturantabut 21-33
Metric Space of Subcopulas PDF
Jumpol Rachasingho, Santi Tasena 35-44
The Jackknife-Like Method for Assessing Uncertainty of Point Estimates for Bayesian Estimation in a Finite Gaussian Mixture Model PDF
Kuntalee Chaisee 45-58
Idempotent of Weak Projection Cohypersubstitutions PDF
Nareupanat Lekkoksung, Prakit Jampachon, Somsak Lekkoksung 59-74
Bi-Bases of $\Gamma$-Semigroups PDF
Pisit Kummoon, Thawhat Changphas 75-86
On Left and Right A-Ideals of a $\Gamma$-Semigroup PDF
Khwancheewa Wattanatripop, Thawhat Changphas 87-96
Natural Partial Order on the Semigroups of Partial Isometries of a Finite Chain PDF
Chaiwat Namnak, Ekkachai Laysirikul, Nares Sawatraksa 97-108
All Maximal Submonoids of Special Regular Classes of $Hyp_G(2)$ PDF
Weerapong Wongpinit 109-115
Green's Relations and Regularity for the Self-E-Preserving Transformation Semigroups PDF
Chaiwat Namnak 117-125
E-Inversive Elements in Some Semigroups of Transformations that Preserve Equivalence PDF
Nares Sawatraksa, Punyapat Kammoo, Chaiwat Namnak 127-132
Hyperideals in EL-Semihyperrings PDF
Warud Nakkhasen, Bundit Pibaljommee 133-143
Coincidence Point Theorems for Geraghty-Type Contraction Mappings in Generalized Metric Spaces PDF
Atit Wiriyapongsanon, Narawadee Phudolsitthiphat 145-158
Common Endpoints for Suzuki Mappings in Uniformly Convex Hyperbolic Spaces PDF
Aekkarin Kudtha, Bancha Panyanak 159-168
Fixed Point and Coincidence Point Theorems for Expansive Mappings in Partial $b$-Metric Spaces PDF
Somkiat Chaipornjareansri 169-185
The Unique $\gamma$-min Labelings of Graphs PDF
Supaporn Saduakdee, Varanoot Khemmani 187-203
Multiple Depot Vehicle Routing Problems on Clustering Algorithms PDF
Kanokon Leungsubthawee, Supalin Saranwong, Chulin Likasiri 205-216
Some Remarks on the Large Deviation of the Visited Sites of Simple Random Walk in Random Scenery PDF
Parkpoom Phetpradap 217-226
Trading Gold Future with ARIMA-GARCH model PDF
Nop Sopipan 227-238
Andronov-Hopf and Neimark-Sacker Bifurcations in Time-Delay Models of HIV Transmission PDF
Rachadawan Darlai, Elvin J. Moore, Sanoe Koonprasert 239-259
On Connectedness of Cayley Graphs of Finite Transformation Semigroups PDF
Chunya Tisklang, Sayan Panma 261-271

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