Vol 20, No 4 (2022)


Table of Contents


On the $s$-Integral Inequalities Concerning $k$-Fractional Conformable Integrals via Pre-Invexity PDF
Muhammad Muddassar, Nasir Siddiqui, Zamir Hussain, Muhammad Tariq 1451-1459
Generators for Group Homology and a Vanishing Conjecture PDF
Joshua Roberts 1461-1470
A Modification of Simulation Function and Its Applications to Fixed Point Theory PDF
Ali Farajzadeh, M. Delfani, Suthep Suantai 1471-1477
Applicability of Representations of $F_4$ to Solutions of a System of PDEs PDF
Sarawut Saenkarun 1479-1489
Empirical Measure of Multivariate Complete Dependence PDF
Anusart Kinon 1491-1504
Note on Generalized Distance Matrix of Graphs PDF
Abdul Hameed, Zia Ullah Khan 1505-1518
Fixed Points of Various Types of Operators in Modular Metric Spaces PDF
Sumana Pal, Ansar Gazi 1519-1533
Intuitionistic Fuzzy PMS-Ideals in a PMS-Algebra PDF
Yohannes Gedamu Wondifraw, Berhanu Assaye Alaba, Beza Lamesgin Derseh 1535-1548
Numerical Method Based on Wavelets, for the Solution of Multi Order Fractional Differential Equations PDF
Samia Bushnaq, Hussan Khan, Muhammad Arif 1549-1562
Bounds of the Derivative of Some Classes of Rational Functions PDF
Nuttapong Arunrat, Keaitsuda Maneeruk Nakprasit 1563-1573
Quasi-Multipliers on Banach Algebras Arising from Hypergroups PDF
Ahmad Alinejad, Morteza Essmaili 1575-1584
A Fixed Point Approach to Stabilities of Functional Equations in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Banach Spaces PDF
P. Saha, T. K. Samanta, Pratap Mondal, B.S. Choudhuryr 1585-1602
Infinite Families of Congruences Modulo 5 for Ramanujan's General Partition Function PDF
Jubaraj Chetry, Nipen Saikia 1603-1608
Connectivity Concepts in Bipolar Fuzzy Incidence Graphs PDF
Soumitra Poulik, Ganesh Ghorai 1609-1619
Mathematical Modeling of 177Lu-DOTATATE for Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment PDF
Sowwanee Jitsinchayakul, Usa Humphries, Teerapol Saleewong, Kitiwat Khamwan 1621-1639
A Practical Approach to Quasi-convex Optimization PDF
Sompong Dhompongsa, Poom Kumam, Konrawut Khammahawong 1641-1647
Affine Rational Transformations of Copulas and Quasi-Copulas PDF
Pitiwat Lueangwitchajaroen, Santi Tasena 1649-1660
The Molting of Butterfly Theorem PDF
Annop Kaewkhao 1661-1668
Fractional Differential Equations Associated with Generalized Fractional Operators in $F_{p,\upnu}$ Space PDF
Manish Kumar Bansal, Priyanka Harjule, Devendra Kumar 1669-1677
A Note on Wavelet Approximation of Functions PDF
Shyam Lal, Priya Kumari 1679-1693
Fixed Point Theorem Satisfying Generalized Weakly Contractive Condition of Integral Type Using C-Class Functions PDF
Vishal Gupta, Arslan Hojat Ansari, Naveen Mani, Ishit Sehgal 1695-1706
Rough Statistical Convergence in Probabilistic Normed Spaces PDF
Reena Antal, Meenakshi Chawla, Vijay Kumar 1707-1719
On Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions of Fractional Integrodifferential Equations with Deviating Arguments under Integral Boundary Conditions PDF
Vinod Vijaykumar Kharat, Anand R. Reshimkar 1721-1733
Fixed Point Theorems for $F-$Contractive Type Fuzzy Mapping in $\mathbb{G}-$Metric Spaces PDF
Yasir Mahmood, Mohammed Shehu Shagari, Akbar Azam 1734-1744

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