Vol 8, No 2 (2010)


Table of Contents


Hyers-Ulam Stability of Linear Differential Equations y′′ = λ2y PDF
Yongjin Li 215 - 219
Fine Spectrum of the Generalized Difference Operator \Delta_v on Sequence Space l1 PDF
P.D. Srivastava, Sudhanshu Kumar 221 - 233
The Convolution Product of \delta^(k)(|x| − c)*\delta^ (l)(|x| − c) PDF
A. Manuel, T. Aguirre 235 - 247
A New Representation Formula for the Factorial Function PDF
Cristinel Mortici 249 - 254
Complete-Lattice Morphisms Compatible with Closure Operators PDF
Josef Slapal 255 - 262
Warped Product Pseudo-Slant Submanifold of Trans-Sasakian Manifolds PDF
Meraj Ali Khan, Khushwant Singh Chahal 263 - 273
The Hybrid Steepest Descent Method for Addressing Fixed Point Problems and System of Equilibrium Problems PDF
Chaichana Jaiboon 275 - 292
Quasi Almost Convergence in a Normed Space for Double Sequences PDF
Vakeel A. Khan 293 - 297
Solving Zhou’s Chaotic System Using Euler’s Method PDF
Umuu Atiqah Mohd Roslan, Zabidin Salleh, Adem Kılıcman 299 - 309
On the Spaces of λ-Convergent and Bounded Sequences PDF
M. Mursaleen, Abdullah K. Noman 311 - 329
Idempotent and Regular Elements in HypG(3) PDF
Sivaree Sudsanit, Sorasak Leeratanavalee 331 - 338
Chromatic Uniqueness of Certain Bipartite Graphs with Six Edges Deleted PDF
Yee-Hock Peng, Roslan Hasni 339 - 354
Numerical Modeling and Computation of Storm Surge for Primitive Equation by Hydrodynamic Model PDF
W. Wannawong, U.W. Humphries, P. Wongwises, S. Vongvisessomjai, W. Lueangaram 355 - 371
A New Sequence Space and Matrix Transformations PDF
Tanweer Jalal, Z.U. Ahmad 373 - 381
A Kind of Product of Submodules and Some Related Results PDF
M. J. Nikmehr, S. Heidari, R. Nikandish 383 - 390
Intuitionistic Fuzzy n-Ary Subgroups PDF
D.R. Prince Williams 391 - 404
Existence and Iterative Approximation of a Unique Solution of a System of General Quasi-Variational Inequality Problems PDF
K.R. Kazmi, F.A. Khan, Mohd. Shahzad 405 - 417

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