Vol 7, No 1 (2009)


Table of Contents


On the Difference Equations PDF
E. M. Elsayed 1 - 8
Common Fixed Point Theorems for four mappings in $d^*$ Metric spaces PDF
Shaban Sedghi, Ishak Altun, Nabi Shobe 9 - 19
Asymptotic Behavior of Convolution of Dependent Random Variables with Heavy-Tailed Distributions PDF
Vahid Ranjbar.Y, Mohammad Amini, Abolghasem Bozorgnia 21 - 34
General Cesaro mean approximation methods for nonexpansive mappings in Hilbert spaces PDF
Pramote Markshoe, Rabian Wangkeeree 35 - 47
Strong Convergence Theorems of Halpern's Type for Families of Nonexpansive Mappings in Hilbert Spaces PDF
Kazuhide Nakajo, Kazuya Shimoji, Wataru Takahashi 49 - 67
On Regular Matrix Semirings PDF
S. Chaopraknoi, K. Savettaseranee, P. Lertwichitsilp 69 - 75
An extragradient approximation method for system of equilibrium problems and variational inequality problems PDF
Chaichana Jaiboon, Poom Kumam 77 - 104
Inversion of Matrices over Boolean Semirings PDF
N. Sirasuntorn, N. Udomsub 105 - 113
Fixed Point and Coincidence Point Theorems on Banach Spaces over Topological Semifields and Their Applications PDF
H. K. Pathak, R. K. Verma, Brian Fisher 115 - 127
A Related Fixed Point Theorem for Three Pairs of Mappings on Three Metric Spaces PDF
R. K. Namdeo, Brian Fisher 129 - 135
Common Fixed Point Theorems PDF
Brian Fisher, H. K. Pathak, Rakesh Tiwari 137 - 149
New Treatment of the Perturbed Motions of a Rotating Symmetric Gyrostat about a Fixed Point PDF
T. S. Amer 151 - 170
Numerical solutions of flows under an inclined gate PDF
P. Guayjarernpanishk, J. Asavanant 171 - 187
Linear time-varying systems in Hilbert spaces: Exact controllability implies complete stabilizability PDF
P. Niamsup, V. N. Phat 189 - 199
The Distribution of a Forward Stochastic Disease-Model PDF
K. Neammanee, S. Pianskool 201 - 213
Retraction notice; Some Problems Connected with Diametrically Contractive Maps and Fixed Point Theory With Python Programming Language PDF
S. M. Khairnar, M. More 215 - 215

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