Vol 5, No 2 (2007)


Table of Contents


Hybrid Iteration Method for Fixed Points of Nonexpansive Mappings PDF
L. Wang, S. S. Yao 183 - 190
Common Fixed Point Theorem for Weakly Compatible Non-Continuous Mappings PDF
K. Jha 191 - 197
Convergence of the Ishikawa Iteration Scheme With Errors for I-Asymptotically Quasi-Nonexpansive Mappings PDF
S. S. Yao, L. Wang 199 - 207
Buchdahl-Like Transformations in General Relativity PDF
P. Boonserm, M. Visser 209 - 223
Coincidence and Common Fixed Points for Generalized Multivalued Nonexpansive Relative Maps PDF
P. Kumam 225 - 230
Predictability in Atmospheric Model PDF
P. Sangapate, D. Sukawat 231 - 243
Fuzzy Version of Some Fixed Point Theorems On Expansion Type Maps in Fuzzy FM Metric Spaces PDF
R. K. Saini, Vishal -, S. B. Singh 245 - 252
Application of Fixed Point Theory in Metric Spaces PDF
R. Bhardwaj, S.S. Rajput, R.N. Yadava 253 - 259
Rational Extensions of C(X) via Hausdorff Continuous Functions PDF
R. Anguelov 261 - 272
Exact Solutions of The Regularized Long-Wave Equation: The Hirota Direct Method Approach to Partially Integrable Equations PDF
S. Suksai, U.W. Hamphries 273 - 279
Convergence and Fixed Point Sets of Generalized Homogeneous Maps PDF
P. Chaoha, P. Chanthorn 281 - 289
Some Problems Connected with Diametrically Contractive Maps and Fixed Point Theory With Python Programming Language PDF
S. M. Khairnar, M. More 291 - 298
Attractor of a Shallow Water Equations Model PDF
S. Sornsanam, D. Sukawat 299 - 307

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