Vol 5, No 3 (2007)

Special Issue

Table of Contents


Some Transformation Semigroups Admitting Nearing Structure PDF
Ng. Danpattanamongkon, P. Udomkavanich, Y. Kemprasit 1 - 9
On Strongly $\theta$ - Semi - Continuous Functions PDF
N. Puturong 11 - 23
Mathematical modeling of piezoelectric thin plates and slender beams through functional analysis PDF
Doungporn Viriyasrisuwattana, Christian Licht, Sanoe Koonprasert, Thibaut Weller 25 - 37
On Exact Solutions of Wind-driven Flow in Shallow O®-shore Waters with Nonlinear Bottom Stress PDF
T. Korkiatsakul, S. Koonprasert 39 - 49
Metric-preserving Functions, W-distances and Cauchy W-distances PDF
T. Khemaratchatakumthorn, I. Termwuttipong 51 - 56
The planar soap bubble problem with equal pressure regions PDF
Banyat Sroysang, Wacharin Wichiramala 57 - 68
Numerical Solution of a Partial Differential Equation Model of Heat Flow through the Boundary Surfaces of Poultry Shed PDF
P. Chanthaweeroj, S. Koonprasert, E. J. Moore 69 - 80
On the Hyers-Ulam-Rassias Stability of an n-Dimensional Additive Functional Equation PDF
Paisan Nakmahachalasint 81 - 86
Regular Transformation Semigroups on Some Dictionary Chains PDF
W. Mora, Y. Kemprasit 87 - 93
Efficient cut for a subset of prescribed area PDF
Wacharin Wichiramala 95 - 100
Hyperidentities in $(xx)y \approx x(yx)$ Graph Algebras of Type (2; 0) PDF
W. Hemvong, T. Poomsa-ard 101 - 110

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