Vol 4, No 1 (2006)


Table of Contents


Normal Approximation of Number of Isolated Vertices in a Random Graph PDF
Y. Punkla, N. Chaidee 1 - 10
A Non-uniform Concentration Inequality for Randomized Orthogonal Array Sampling Designs PDF
K. Laipaporn, K. Neammanee 11 - 34
Surjective Multihomomorphisms between Cyclic Groups PDF
S. Nenthein, P. Lertwichitsilp 35 - 42
Multihomomorphisms from Groups into Groups of Real Numbers PDF
P. Youngkhong, K. Savettaraseranee 43 - 48
Green's Quasiorder on Menger Algebras of Terms PDF
K. Denecke, P. Glubudom 49 - 61
Transformation Tolerance Hypergroups PDF
S. Hoskova, J. Chvalina 63 - 72
Strong Maximum Principles for Implicit Parabolic Functional-Differential Problems Together with Nonstandard Inequalities with Integrals PDF
L. Byszewski 73 - 84
On Ideal Convergent Sequences in 2-Normed Spaces PDF
M. GĂ„urdal 85 - 91
Some Structural Properties of Vector Valued Orlicz Sequence Space PDF
M. K. Ozdemir, I. Solak 93 - 105
Impulsive Periodic Control System with Parameter Perturbation PDF
S. Hinpang, X. Xiang, P. Sattayatham 107 - 125
Commutators of Strongly Singular Convolution Operators on Weighted Herz-type Hardy Spaces PDF
K. Zhao, L. Ma, S. Zhou 127 - 143
The Decycling Number of Regular Graphs PDF
N. Punnim 145 - 162
Linear Independence of Continued Fractions in the Field of Formal Series over a Finite Field PDF
T. Chaichana, V. Laohakosol, A. Harnchoowong 163 - 177
A Non-Uniform Bound on Poisson Approximation for Sums of Bernoulli Random Variables with Small Mean PDF
K. Teerapabolarn 179 - 196

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