Vol 4, No 3 (2006)

Special Issue

Table of Contents


Certain Regular Semigroups of Infinite Matrices PDF
S. Pianskool, P. Lertwichitsilp, K. Savettaraseranee 1 - 5
Regularity of Semihypergroups of Infinite Matrices PDF
S. Chaopraknoi, N. Triphop 7 - 11
Relationship Between Homomorphisms of Some Groups and Hypergroups PDF
S. Nenthein, P. Youngkhong, Y. Punkla 13 - 18
Regularity of Full Order-Preserving Transformation Semigroups on Some Dictionary Posets PDF
W. Mora, Y. Kemprasit 19 - 23
Regularity of Semigroups of Multihomomorphisms of (Z_n, +) PDF
W. Teparos, Y. Kemprasit 25 - 30
Transformation Semigroups Admitting Nearring Structure PDF
Ng. Danpattanamongkon, P. Udomkavanich 31 - 37
Natural Partial Orders on the Semigroup of Binary Relations PDF
C. Namnak, P. Preechasilp 39 - 50
Minimal enclosures by rectangles for few regions of given areas PDF
B. Sroysang, W. Wichiramala 51 - 60
Hyperidentities in $(xx)(yy) \approx x(yx)$ Graph Algebras of Type (2,0) PDF
D. Boonchari, T. Poomsa-ard 61 - 73
Chromatic Numbers of Glued Graphs PDF
C. Promsakon, C. Uiyyasathian 75 – 81
Sea Surface Elevation of the Primitive Equation Oceanic Model for the Gulf of Thailand PDF
W. Wannawong, U. Humphries, A. Luadsong 83 – 100

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