Vol 3, No 2 (2005)


Table of Contents


Regular Elements of Semigroups of Continuous Functions and Differentiable Functions PDF
Y. Punkla, Y. Kemprasit, S. Nenthein 137 - 144
Some Inequalities Related to a New Sequence Space which Include c PDF
C. Cakan, C. Aydin 145 - 152
On the Spectrum and the Fine Spectrum of the Zweier Matrix as an Operator on Some Sequence Spaces PDF
B. Altay, M. Karaku 153 - 162
The Least Group Congruence on E-inversive Semigroups and E-inversive E-semigroups PDF
M. Siripitukdet, S. Sattayaporn 163 - 169
Two-weighted Norm Inequalities for Some Anisotropic Sublinear Operators with Rough Kernel PDF
Sh. A. Nazirova 171 – 184
Generalized Frames PDF
N. A. Sheikh 185 - 191
A Common Fixed Point Theorem for a Pair of Nonself Multi-valued Mappings PDF
M. Imdad, Ladlay Khan 193 - 199
Identities in Graph Algebras of Type (n, n − 1, ..., 3, 2, 0) PDF
T. Poomsa-ard, J. Wetweerapong, C. Khiloukom, T. Musuntei 201 - 208
Some Classes of Difference Paranormed Sequence Spaces Defined by Orlicz Functions PDF
B. C. Tripathy, B. Sarma 209 - 218
A Note on a Fixed Point Theorem in Hilbert Spaces PDF
M. Imdad, Javid Ali 219 - 221
Finite Element Solution for 1-D Groundwater Flow, Advection-Dispersion and Interphase Mass Transfer : I. Model Development PDF
M. Khebchareon, S. Saenton 223 - 240
Some Generalized Difference Sequence Spaces PDF
A. Esi, M. Isık 241 - 247
Mathematical Modelling of Magnetometric Resistivity Sounding Earth Structures PDF
S. Yooyuanyong, W. Sripanya 249 - 258
Strong Convergence of the Modified Mann Iterations in a Banach Space PDF
S. Imnang, S. Suantai 259 - 274

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