Vol 13, No 1 (2015)


Table of Contents


Operators on Hilbert Spaces of Sequences PDF
C. Shekha, B.S. Komal, M. Mursaleen 1 - 8
An Observation on Set-valued Contraction Mappings in Modular Metric Spaces PDF
Parin Chaipunya, Poom Kumam 9 - 17
Algorithm and Theorem on Student Activity Problems PDF
V. Longani, S. Buada, D. Samana 19 - 31
Connections between Various Subclasses of Planar Harmonic Mappings Involving Generalized Bessel Functions PDF
Saurabh Porwal 33 - 42
Coupled Coincidence Point Theorems for a $(\beta,g)$-$\psi$-Contractive Mapping in Partially Ordered $G$-Metric Spaces PDF
P. Charoensawan, C. Thangthong 43 - 61
All Maximal Clones of a Majority Reflexive Graph PDF
Udom Chotwattakawanit, Chawewan Rattanaprasert 63 - 68
An Iterative Shrinking Metric f-Projection Method for Finding a Common Fixed Point of Two Quasi Strict f-Pseudo-Contractions and Applications in Hilbert Spaces PDF
Kasamsuk Ungchittrakool, Duangkamon Kumtaeng 69 - 85
Some Properties of a subclass of Harmonic Univalent Functions defined by fractional calculus PDF
Saurabh Porwal 87 - 107
Properties of Attractive Points in CAT(0) Spaces PDF
K. Kunwai, A. Kaewkhao, W. Inthakon 109 - 121
Parameter estimation of one-dimensional Ito processes by LTDRM PDF
Piriya Prunglerdbuathong, Khamron Mekchay, Sanae Rujivan 123 - 136
On (m; n)-Regularity of Gamma-Semigroups PDF
Thawhat Changphas 137 - 145
Note on "Modified alpha-psi-Contractive Mappings with Applications" PDF
Maher Berzig, Erdal Karapinar 147 - 152
Applying the Reduced Differential Transform Method to Solve the Telegraph and Cahn-Hilliard Equations PDF
Mahmoud S. Rawashdeh, Nazek A. Obeidat 153 - 163
A Unified Local Convergence for Jarratt-type Methods in Banach Space under Weak Conditions PDF
Santhosh George, Ioannis K Argyros 165 - 176
Modules which are reduced over their endomorphism rings PDF
N. Agayev, Sait Halicioglu, A. Harmanci, B. Ungor 177 - 188
Constant on a Uniform Berry-Esseen Bound on a Closed Sphere via Stein's Method PDF
Dawud Thongtha 189 - 199
A New Generalization of Hermite Matrix Polynomials PDF
Bayram Cekim, Abdullah ALTIN 201 - 212
Factorisable Monoid of Generalized Hypersubstitutions of Type $\tau=(2)$ PDF
Ampika Boonmee, Sorasak Leeratanavalee 213 - 225
Periodic Behavior of Solutions of a Certain Piecewise Linear System of Difference Equations PDF
Wirot Tikjha, Somsri Jintanasonti, Yongwimon Lenbury 227 - 236
Derivative-Free Broyden's Method for Inverse Partially Known Sturm-Liouville Potential Functions PDF
Athassawat Kammanee 237 - 244
Concircular Curvature Tensor of a Semi-Symmetric Metric Connection in a Kenmotsu Manifold PDF
Ajit Barman 245 - 257

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