Vol 13, No 2 (2015)


Table of Contents


Convergence of AFEM for Second Order Semi-linear Elliptic PDEs PDF
Thanatyod Jampawai, Khamron Mekchay 259 - 276
Invertibility of the Related Spaces of a Fuzzy Topological Space PDF
Anjaly Jose, Sunil C. Mathew 277 - 289
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Hyperideal Extensions of Semihypergroups PDF
Kostaq Hila, Luljeta Kikina, Bijan Davvaz 291 - 305
Common Fixed Point Theorems for the Finite Family of Uniformly Quasi$-$sup $(f_n)$ Lipschitzian Mappings and $g_n-$Expansive Mappings in Convex Metric Spaces PDF
S. Kamkong, O. Tripak 307 - 317
On the Diamond Operator Related to Nonlinear Beam Equation PDF
Wanchak Satsanit 319 - 336
Common Coupled Coincidence and Coupled Fixed Point of C-Contractive Mappings in Generalized Metric Spaces PDF
Mujahid Abbas, Wasfi Shatanawi, Talat Nazir 337 - 351
On Near Armendariz Ideals PDF
Khadijeh Khalilnezhad, Hamid Haj Seyyed Javadi 353 - 357
On the Record Range PDF
Ramin Kazemi 359 - 367
A Generalization of Ciric Quasi-Contractions for Maps on S-Metric Spaces PDF
Nguyen Trung Hieu, Nguyen Thi Thanh Ly, Nguyen Van Dung 369 - 380
Linear Maps Preserving the Generalized Projection PDF
Samir Kabbaj, Ahmed Charifi, Abedellatif Chahbi 381 - 389
Analytical Method for the Solution of Inverse Parabolic Problem PDF
Abdolsadeh Neisy 391 - 398
A Congruence Relation in Partially Ordered Sets PDF
C. Ganesamoorthy, SG. Karpagavalli 399 - 403
Approximation of Fixed Points of Nonexpansive Mappings by Modified Krasnoselski-Mann Iterative Algorithm in Banach Space PDF
Yekini Shehu, G.C. Ugwunnadi 405 - 419
Some Inequalities Concerning the Polar Derivative of a Polynomial PDF
Abdullah Mir, Bilal Dar 421 - 430
Equivalence Problem for The Canonical Form of Linear Second Order Parabolic Equations PDF
Ekkarath Thailert 431 - 447
Rate of Convergence of P-Iteration and S-Iteration for Continuous Functions on Closed Intervals PDF
Prayong Sainuan 449 - 457
Location of Zeros of Polynomials PDF
Suhail Gulzar Mattoo, N. A. Rather 459 - 463
Convergence Theorems of a New Three-Step Iteration for Nonself Asymptotically Nonexpansive Mappings PDF
Birol Gunduz, Sezgin Akbulut 465 - 480
Strong Convegence Theorems for General Equilibrium Problems and Fixed Point Problems in Banach Spaces PDF
Uthai Kamraksa, Chaichana Jaiboon 481 - 495
Note on the Properties of Type II_1 Sub Factors induced from Non-Degenerate Commuting Square PDF
M. Khoshkam, B. Mashood 497 - 508
Decompositions of Generalized Continuity in Grill Topological Spaces PDF
Shyamapada Modak 508 - 515
Retraction notice to “On the Parametric Interest of the Black-Scholes Equation” [Thai Journal of Mathematics 11(2) 491-498] PDF
Amnuay Kananthai 517

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