Vol 13, No 3 (2015)


Table of Contents


A Simple Proof of the Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem PDF
S. Dhompongsa, J. Nantadilok 519 - 525
Convergence Theorems of Fixed Point Iterative Methods Defined by Admissible Functions PDF
Nuttawut Bunlue, Suthep Suantai 527 - 537
Applications of Student Activity Problems for Some Kirkman Type Problems PDF
Vites Longani, Decha Samana, Sasisophit Buada 539 - 544
Existence and Algorithm for Generalized Mixed Equilibrium Problem with a Relaxed Monotone Mapping PDF
Prapairat Junlouchai, Somyot Plubtieng 545 - 560
Common Coupled Fixed Points of a Pair of Compatible Mappings satisfying the Condition (B) with a Rational Expression in Partially Ordered Metric Spaces PDF
G. V. R. Babu, Y. J. Cho, M. V. R. Kameswari 561 - 579
Convergence Theorems for Finite Family of Multivalued k-Strictly Pseudononspreading Mappings in R-Trees PDF
Khanitin Samanmit 581 - 591
An Iterative Shrinking Generalized $f$-Projection Method for $G$-Quasi-Strict Pseudo-Contractions in Banach Spaces PDF
Kasamsuk Ungchittrakool, Narin Petrot, Apisit Jarernsuk 593 - 611
Some Proximally Coincidence Points for Non-self Mappings and Self Mappings in Partially Ordered Metric Spaces PDF
R. Wangkeeree, N. Sisarat 613 - 625
Convergence of the S-Iteration Process for a Pair of Single-valued and Multi-valued Generalized Nonexpansive Mappings in CAT(K) Spaces PDF
Sirichai Sopha, Withun Phuengrattana 627 - 640
On Connected Cayley Graphs of Semigroups PDF
T. Suksumran, S. Panma 641 - 652
Approximation Method for Fixed Points of Nonlinear Mapping and Variational Inequalities with Application PDF
Kanyarat Cheawchan, Atid Kangtunyakarn 653 - 672
Hybrid Steepest Descent Method of One-parameter Nonexpansive Cosine Families for Variational Inequality Problems in Hilbert Spaces PDF
Nimit Nimana, Somboon Niyom, Narin Petrot 673 - 686
Coupled Coincidence Point Theorems for a \alpha-\psi-Contractive Mapping in Partially Metric Spaces with M-Invariant Set PDF
Phakdi Charoensawan 687 - 702
Extendability of the Complementary Prism of Extendable Graphs PDF
Pongthep Janseana, Nawarat Ananchuen 703 - 721
Convergence of Nondiagonal Sequences of Linear Pad ́e-Orthogonal Approximants PDF
Nattapong Bosuwan 723 - 736
Hybrid Iterative Method for Solving a System of Generalized Equilibrium Problems, Generalized Mixed Equilibrium Problems and Common Fixed Point Problems in Hilbert Spaces PDF
Benjawan Rodjanadid 737 - 763
Stability of Generalized Euler Differential Equations of First Order with Variable Coefficients PDF
Zhihua Wang, Themistocles M Rassias 765 - 774
Numerical Treatment to a Water-Quality Measurement Model in an Opened-Closed Reservoir PDF
Witsarut Kraychang, Nopparat Pochai 775 - 788

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