Vol 14, No 1 (2016)


Table of Contents


Independent Sets of m,n-gonal Graphs PDF
Asekha Khantavchai, Thiradet Jiarasuksakun 1 - 12
On Some Classes of four Dimensional Regular Matrices PDF
Yurdal Sever, Bilal Altay 13 - 19
S-Iterative Process for a Pair of Single Valued and Multi Valued Mappings in Banach Spaces PDF
Naknimit Akkasriworn, Kritsana Sokhuma 21 - 30
Extendability of the Complementary Prism of 2-Regular Graphs PDF
Pongthep Janseana, Sriphan Rueangthampisan, Nawarat Ananchuen 31 - 41
A Generalization on $\mathcal{I}-$Asymptotically Lacunary Statistical Equivalent Sequences PDF
Ekrem Savas 43 - 51
A new general iterative methods for solving the equilibrium problems, variational inequality problems and xed point problems of nonexpansive mappings PDF
Ekkarath Thailert, R. Wangkeeree, Pakkapon Preechasilp 53 - 67
On Composite l(m, n)-Kummer's Matrix Functions of two Complex Variables PDF
Ayman Shehata Mohammed, Rashwan Ahmed Rashwan, Mohamed S Metwally, Mahmoud Tawfik Mohamed 69 - 81
(alpha-beta)-Normal composition Operators PDF
Pooja Sharma, Anuradha Gupta 83 - 92
E-Torsion Free Acts Over Monoids PDF
Akbar Golchin, Abbas Zare, Hossein Mohammadzadeh 93 - 114
A Nonlinear Parabolic Problems with Lower Order Terms and Measure Data PDF
A. Aberqi, J. Bennouna, H. Redwane 115 - 130
$(G,F)$- Closed Set and Coupled Coincidence Point Theorems for a Generalized Compatible in Partially Metric Spaces PDF
Phakdi Charoensawan 131 - 149
Non-Archimedean Random Stability of σ− Quadratic Functional Equation PDF
IZ. EL-Fassi, S. Kabbaj 151 - 165
Existence Results for Fractional Quasilinear Integrodifferential Equations with Impulsive Conditions PDF
Paul Sameul Francis 167 - 180
A Class of Strong Limit Theorems for Random Field with Geometric Distributions Indexed by a Homogeneous Tree PDF
Kang Kang Wang 181 - 190
Monoid of Cohypersubstitutions of Type $\tau=(n)$ PDF
Darunee Boonchari, Kittisak Saengsura 191 - 201
Non-Normality and the Fuzzy Theory for Variable Parameters Control Charts PDF
Chaowalit Panthong, Adisak Pongpullponsak 203 - 213
Fixed Point Theorems for Modified (alpha-psi-varphi-theta)-Rational Contractive Mappings in alpha-Complete b-Metric Spaces PDF
Anchalee Kaewcharoen, Preeyaluk Chuadchawna 215 - 235
Existence Theorems for Cyclic-Pre\v{s}i\'{c} Operator in Product Spaces endowed with Directed Graphs PDF
Pornpimon Boriwan, Narin Petrot 237 - 248
Convolution Conditions for Some Subclasses of Meromorphic Bounded Functions of Complex Order PDF
Mohamed Kamal Aouf, Adela Mostafa, Hanaa Zayed 249 - 258

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