Vol 14, No 3 (2016)


Table of Contents


Time Series Forecast Using AR-Belief Approach PDF
Nantiworn Thianpaen, Jianxu Liu, Songsak Sriboonchitta 527 - 541
Ekeland’s Variational Principle and its Applications to Equilibrium Problems PDF
A. Hosseinpour, A. Farajzadeh, S. Plubtieng 543 - 551
Improving Stock Price Prediction with SVM by Simple Transformation: The Sample of Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) PDF
Piyatat Chatvorawit, Pairote Sattayatham, Bhusana Premanode 553 - 563
A Note on Three-Step Iterative Method with Seventh Order of Convergence for Solving Nonlinear Equations PDF
Napassanan Srisarakham, Montri Thongmoon 565 - 573
Suzuki-Type Fixed Point Results for $E$-Contractive Maps in Uniform Spaces PDF
Nabi Shobkolaei, Shaban Sedghi 575 -583
Generalized Stability of Euler-Lagrange Quadratic Functional Equation in Random Normed Spaces under Arbitrary $t$-Norms PDF
Z. Baderi, R. Saadati 585 - 590
Regular Weakly Continuous Functions in Ideal Topological Spaces PDF
A. Vadivel, M. Navuluri 591 - 598
Numerical Solution of Convection–Diffusion Equation Using Cubic B-Spline Quasi-Interpolation PDF
Hossein Aminikhah, Javad Alavi 599 - 613
Subtractive Extension of Ideals in Ternary Semirings PDF
Jayprakash Ninu Chaudhari, Kunal Julal Ingale 615 - 625
A Common Fixed Point Theorem in Fuzzy Metric Space Using the Property (CLRg) PDF
Manish Jain, Sanjay Kumar 627 - 636
A Generalized Mittag-Leffler Type Function with Four Parameters PDF
Mridula Garg, Ajay Sharma, Pratibha Manohar 637 - 649
On Compact Operators on Some Sequence Spaces Related to Matrix B(r,s,t) PDF
Serkan Demiriz, Emrah Evren Kara 651 -666
On a Semigroup of Sets of Transformations with Restricted Range PDF
Ananya Anantayasethi, Joerg Koppitz 667 -676
Recurrence Relations of K-Bessel's Function PDF
Kuldeep Singh Gehlot 677 -685
Statistically Convergent Difference Double Sequence Spaces Defined By Orlicz Functions PDF
Ayhan Esi, Bipan Hazarika 687 - 700
Strong Convergence Theorems of Iterative Algorithm for Nonconvex Variational Inequalities PDF
Issara Inchan 701 -710
Pricing Discretely-Sampled Variance Swaps on Commodities PDF
Chonnawat Chunhawiksit, Sanae Rujivan 711 -724
Real Option Pricing Model Based on Mean Reversion Applied in a Wind Power Project PDF
Chunxue Wu, Eckart Schulz, Pairote Sattayatham 725 - 740
Generalized Vector Equilibrium Problems with Relatively Monotone Mappings PDF
Suhel Ahmad Khan 741 - 755
Intuitionistic Fuzzy α-Generalized Semi Closed Sets PDF
M. Jeyaraman, O. Ravi, A. Yuvarani 757 - 769
The Applications of Modified Generalized Mixed Equilibrium Problems to Nonlinear Problems PDF
Wongvisarut Khuangsatung, Atid Kangtunyakarn 771 - 796
On the Positive Colored Noise of the Price of Stock PDF
Amnuay Kananthai 797 - 804

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