Vol 15, No 1 (2017)


Table of Contents


About Split Proximal Algorithms for the Q-Lasso PDF
Abdellatif Moudafi 1-7
On The Kernel of Black-Scholes Equation Related to the Risk Neutrality for Cash-or-Nothing Options PDF
Amnuay Kananthai 9-16
A New Improved Hat Function for Numerical Solution of Linear Fredholm Integral Equations PDF
Farshid Mirzaee, Elham Hadadiyan 17-31
On Fixed Point Theory for Generalized Contractions in Cone Rectangular Metric Spaces via Scalarizing PDF
Parastoo Zangenehmehr, Ali Farajzadeh, Rahmatollah Lashkaripour, Ardashir Karamian 33-45
On the Properties of Certain Commuting Squares and Their Corresponding Limiting Algebras PDF
Mahmood Khoshkam, Bahman Mashood 47-60
Maximum Terms, Maximum Moduli Related and Slowly Changing Functions Based Growth Measurement of Composition of Entire Functions PDF
Sanjib Kumar Datta, Tanmay Biswas, Md. Azizul Hoque 61-74
Stability Properties of Positive Solutions to a Quasilinear Elliptic Equation Involving the $p$-Laplacian and Indefinite Weight PDF
Ghasem A. Afrouzi, Saleh Shakeri 75-79
Coincidence and Common Fixed Points For Hybrid Mappings Satisfying an Implicit Relation and Applications PDF
Valeriu Popa, Alina-Mihaela Patriciu 81-89
On a Class of Nonlocal p(x)-Laplacian Neumann Problems PDF
Mostafa Allaoui, Abdelrachid El Amrouss, Anass Ourraoui 91-105
Totally Somewhat Fuzzy Continuous and Totally Somewhat Fuzzy Semicontinuous Mappings PDF
Appachi Vadivel, Ayyarasu Swaminathan 107-119
The Order of Elements of the Semigroups $(W_{\tau}(X_2))^2$ and $(W_{\tau}(X_3))^3$ PDF
Damrongsak Punyathip, Thawhat Changphas 121-131
Subordination Results for New Subclasses of Analytic and Univalent Functions PDF
Rabha Mohammed El-Ashwah, Mohammed Kamal Aouf, Alaa Hassan Attia 133-140
Weakened Mannheim Curves in Pseudo-Galilean 3-Space PDF
Murat Kemal Karacan, Yılmaz Tunçer 141-151
Common Fixed Point Theorems of Integral Type for OWC Mappings under Relaxed Condition PDF
R. K. Vats, V. Sihag, C. Vetro 153-166
Quasinormality and Fuglede-Putnam Theorem for w-Hyponormal Operators PDF
Mohammad H.M. Rashid 167-182
New Closed Sets and Maps via Ideals PDF
Ramandeep Kaur, Asha Gupta 183-191
Generalized Projection Methods for Nonlinear Mappings PDF
Preedaporn Kanjanasamranwong, Sarapee Chairat, Siwaporn Saewan 193-206
Problems and Properties for p-Valent Functions Involving a New Generalized Differential Operator PDF
Ala' Ali Amourah, Tariq Al-Hawary, Maslina Darus 207-216
Some Common Fixed Point Theorems in Fuzzy Metric Space with Property (E.A.) PDF
Kanhaiya Jha, Vyomesh Pant 217-226
Generalized Fuzzy Ideals in Semigroups PDF
Young Bae Jun, Seok-Zun Song 227-236
An Interior-Point Trust-Region Algorithm for Quadratic Stochastic Symmetric Programming PDF
Phannipa Kabcome, Thanasak Mouktonglang 237-260
Best Proximity Point Theorems for G-Proximal Generalized Contraction in Complete Metric Spaces endowed with Graphs PDF
Chalongchai Klanarong, Suthep Suantai 261-276
A Novel Pairs Trading Model with Mean Reversion and Coefficient of Variance PDF
N. Ekkarntrong, P. Sirisaengtaksin, P. Sattayatham, B. Premanode 277-296

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