Vol 15, No 2 (2017)


Table of Contents


Upper Bound for the Crossing Number of Qn x K3 PDF
Aroonwan Suebsriwichai, Thanasak Mouktonglang 297-321
On Generalized $\phi$-Recurrent Generalized Sasakian-Space-Forms PDF
Shyamal Kumar Hui, Prakasha Doddabhadrappla Gowda, Vasant Chavan 323-332
Some Results on Vector-Valued $s$-Type $|A, p, \prod X_{k}|$ Operators PDF
Amit Maji, Parmeshwary Dayal Srivastava 333-347
A Common Fixed Point Theorem for Strongly Tangential and Weakly Compatible Mappings Satisfying Implicit Relations PDF
Said Beloul 349-358
Somewhat Pairwise Fuzzy Precontinuous Mappings PDF
A. Swaminathan, S. Sudhakar 359-365
Coupled Coincidence Point for Generalized Monotone Operators in Partially Orderd Metric Spaces PDF
M. Bousselsal, M. Laid Kadri 367-385
On n-Absorbing Ideals and Two Generalizations of Semiprime Ideals PDF
Hojjat Mostafanasab, Ahmad Yousefian Darani 387-408
Best Wavelet Approximation of Functions Belonging to Generalized Lipschitz Class using Haar Scaling Function PDF
Shyam Lal, Susheel Kumar 409-419
Remarks on P-D Operator PDF
Dhananjay Gopal, Erdal Karapinar 421-428
Some New Results on Universal Metric Spaces PDF
Akbar Dehghan Nezhad, Najmeh Khajuee, Zead Mustafa 429-449
Some Geometric Properties of Generalized Difference Cesaro Sequence Spaces PDF
Hacer Sengul, Mikail Et 465-474
Fixed Points of Almost Generalized (\alpha,\psi)-Contractive Type Maps in G-Metric Spaces PDF
K.K.M. Sarma, V.A. Kumari 451-464
Positive Compact Operators on Quaternionic Hilbert Spaces PDF
Massoumeh Fashandi 475-482
On Extended Hypergeometric Function PDF
Dharmendra Kumar Singh 483-490
Extension of Integral Equations of Fredholm Type Involving Special Functions PDF
V.B.L. Chaurasia, Vinod Gill 491-501
Asymptotically Equivalent Generalized Difference Sequences of Fuzzy Real Numbers Defined by Orlicz Function PDF
Amar Jyoti Dutta 503-515
Escaping Set of e^z-1 PDF
Dinesh Kumar, Sanjay Kumar 517-522
Dynamic Analysis of a Fractional Order Phytoplankton-Zooplankton System with a Crowley-Martin Functional Response PDF
Mohammad Javidi 523-535
On the Solution of Triharmonic Bessel Heat Equation PDF
Wanchak Satsanit 537-549
Some Iterative Methods for Coincidence Points of Two Continuous Functions on Closed Interval PDF
Supaporn Nirunruttanakit, Suthep Suantai 551-563
Common Fixed Point and Coupled Coincidence Point Theorems for $\theta$-$\psi$ Contraction Mappings with Two Metrics Endowed with a Directed Graph PDF
Phakdi Charoensawan, Tanadon Chaobankoh 565-580

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