Vol 15, No 3 (2017)


Table of Contents


Linesearch Algorithms for Split Generalized Equilibrium Problems and Two Families of Strict Pseudo-Contraction Mappings PDF
Kiattisak Rattanaseeha, Rattanaporn Wangkeeree, Rabian Wangkeeree 581-606
A Graphical Proof of the Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem PDF
N. Chuensupantharat, Poom Kumam, Sompong Dhompongsa 607-610
Stability Analysis for Mathematical Model of Outer Rim on Avascular Tumor Growth PDF
Nuttawat Sontichai 611-627
Weak and Strong Convergence Theorems of Some Iterative Methods for Common Fixed Points of Berinde Nonexpansive Mappings in Banach Spaces PDF
Somchai Kosol 629-639
On Some Properties Paranormed Sequence Spaces Generated by Generalized Sequence Means and Core Theorems PDF
Ali Karaisa, Ümit Karabıyık 641-654
Differential Subordination for Subclasses of Analytic Functions Involving Srivastava-Attiya Operator PDF
J. K. Prajapat, T. Bulboaca 655-672
Common Fixed Points of a Finite Family of I-Asymptotically Nonexpansive Mappings by S-Iteration Process in Banach Spaces PDF
Birol Gunduz, Sezgin Akbulut 673-687
$\text{G}_\mu$-Closed Sets and $\text{G}_m$-Closed Sets in GTMS Spaces PDF
Tatsanee Wiangwiset, Chokchai Viriyapong, Butsakorn Kong-ied 689-700
Coupled Coincidence Points for Monotone Operators in $S$-Metric Spaces PDF
Somkiat Chaipornjareansri 701-720
Basic Hybrid Fixed Point Theorems for Contractive Mappings in Partially Ordered Metric Spaces PDF
Bapurao C. Dhage 721-732
Maximal Buttonings of Non-Tree Graphs PDF
Wanchai Tapanyo, Pradthana Jaipong 733-745
Common Fixed Point Theorems for Multivalued $\eta_*-\psi$-Contractive Mappings PDF
Tanusri Senapati, Lakshmi Kanta Dey 747-759
Existence of Common Fixed Points for Weakly Compatible and Cq-Commuting Maps and Invariant Approximations PDF
Gutti Venkata Ravindranadh Babu, Alemayehu Geremew Negash 761-776
The Quasi-Hadamard Product of Certain Analytic and p-Valent Functions PDF
Serap Bulut 777-781
Using Recurrence Relation to Count a Number of Perfect Matching in Linear Chain and Snake Chain Graphs PDF
Asekha Khantavchai, Thiradet Jiarasuksakun 783-795
Some Common Fixed Point Theorems For Two Weakly Compatible Mappings in Complex Valued Metric Spaces PDF
Sultan Ali 797-806
On Non-Absolute Integrals PDF
Varayu Boonpogkrong 807-818
Fixed Points of Set-Valued Mappings under Generalized Contractive Conditions in Ordered Metric Spaces PDF
Hemant Kumar Nashine, Zoran Kadelburg 819-834
Convergence Theorems Based on the Shrinking Projection Method for Hemi-relatively Nonexpansive Mappings, Variational Inequalities and Equilibrium Problems PDF
Zi-Ming Wang, Sun Young Cho, Yongfu Su 835-860
On the Positive Colored Noise Related to the Option Price from Black-Scholes Equation PDF
Amnuay Kananthai 861-872

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