Special Issue (2019): Annal Meeting in Mathematics 2018

Special Issue (AMM2018) of the 23rd Annal Meeting in Mathematics (AMM2018), May 3-5, 2018 organized by Departments of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Bangkok, Thailand.

Table of Contents

A Panorama of Applied Mathematical Problems in Economics PDF
Edelstein Type L-fuzzy Fixed Point Theorems PDF
Domination Game Played on a Graph Constructed from 1-Sum of Paths PDF
Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized \theta-\phi-Contractions in S-metric Spaces PDF
The S-Intermixed Iterative Method for Equilibrium Problems PDF
Some Generalizations of Weak Cyclic Compatible Contractions PDF
Continuity of the Solution Mappings to Primal and Dual Vector Equilibrium Problems PDF
On Solving the Equilibrium Problem and Fixed Point Problem for Nonspreading Mappings and Lipschitzian Mappings in Hilbert Spaces PDF
A Descent Dai-Liao Projection Method for Convex Constrained Nonlinear Monotone Equations with Applications PDF
Space-Fractional Telegraph Equations PDF
Common Best Proximity Points for Weakly Proximal Increasing Mappings PDF
A Projection Hestenes-Stiefel-Like Method for Monotone Nonlinear Equations with Convex Constraints PDF
The Approximate Solution for Generalized Proximal Contractions in Complete Metric Spaces PDF
Some commutativity conditions for Gamma-Generalized Boolean Semiring PDF
Model Order Reduction for Sine-Gordon Equation Using POD and DEIM PDF
Common Fixed point Theorems for some admissible contraction mapping in JS-Metric Spaces PDF
Convergence in Hausdorff Content of Pade-Faber Approximants and Its Applications PDF
Coincidence Point Theorems for Geraghty's Type Contraction in Generalized Metric Spaces Endowed with a Directed Graph PDF
On Anti-Regular Ternary Algebras PDF
Green’s Relations and Regularity for Semigroups of Transformations with Restricted Range that Preserve Double Direction Equivalence Relations PDF

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