Vol 17, No 1 (2019)


Table of Contents


Falling Shadow Theory Applied to UP-Algebras PDF
Young Bae Jun, Kyoung Ja Lee, Aiyared Iampan 1-9
Common Tripled Fixed Point Theorems for $\psi$-Geraghty-Type Contraction Mappings Endowed with a Directed Graph PDF
Tanadon Chaobankoh, Phakdi Charoensawan 11-30
On a Spectral Subdivision of the Operator $\Delta_i^2$ over the Sequence Spaces $c_0$ and $\ell_1$ PDF
P. Baliarsingh, S. Dutta 31-41
Some Results on Coincidence Points for Contractions in Intuitionistic Fuzzy $n$-Normed Linear Space PDF
Nabanita Konwar, Pradip Debnath 43-62
The Discovering of the New Option Price of the Stock Price Related to the Nobel Prize Work of F. Black and M. Scholes PDF
Amnuay Kananthai 63-74
Common Fixed Point Theorems in Complex Valued Metric Space and Application PDF
R. K. Verma, H. K. Pathak 75-88
A Deep Neural Network Approach for Model-based Gait Recognition PDF
Cholwich Nattee, Nirattaya Khamsemanan 89-97
Some Properties of Valuation Ideals and Primary Ideals in Additive Semigroups PDF
M. Yahya Abbasi, Abul Basar 99-106
A Complete Solution of 3-Hamiltonian Grids and Torus Graphs PDF
Gee-Choon Lau, Sin-Min Lee, Karl Schaffer, Siu-Ming Tong 107-113
Some $L^{s}$ Inequalities for Polynomials not Vanishing Inside a Circle PDF
Abdullah Mir, Bilal Dar 115-124
Identication of Atmospheric Pollution Source Based on Particle Swarm Optimization PDF
W Chaiwino, T Mouktonglang 125-140
Fixed Points of Demicontinuous $\phi$-Nearly Lipschitzian Mappings in Banach Spaces PDF
Godwin Amechi Okeke, Johnson O Olaleru 141-154
Automatic Continuity on Fundamental Locally Multiplicative Topological Algebras PDF
M. R. Omidi, Ali Farajzadeh, E. Soori, B. Olfatian Gillan 155-164
An Alternative Quadratic Functional Equation on 2-Divisible Commutative Groups PDF
Jenjira Tipyan, Patanee Udomkavanich, Paisan Nakmahachalasint 165-172
Finite-Time Stabilization of Linear Systems with Time-varying Delays using New Integral Inequalities PDF
Chantapish Zamart, Thaned Rojsiraphisal 173-191
Optimal Control on a Discrete Time Model for Tuberculosis PDF
John Sebastian Simon, Rodolfo Po 193-204
On Ciric Type $\varphi$-Geraghty Contractions PDF
Badr Alqahtani, Andreea Fulga, Erdal Karapınar 205-216
A Note on Multipliers of Weighted Lebesgue Spaces PDF
Birsen Sagir, Cenap Duyar 229-237
Solving Fractional Ordinary Differential Equations Using FNDM PDF
Mahmoud Saleh Rawashdeh 239-251
Fixed Points of $\alpha\eta-\xi\theta$-Expansive Mappings PDF
Saurabh Manro, Peyman Salimi 253-261
Fixed Point Theorems for $s-\alpha$ Contractions in Dislocated and $b$-Dislocated Metric Spaces PDF
Kastriot Zoto, Panda Sumati Kumari 263-276
A Note on Representable Autometrized Algebras PDF
B.V. Subba Rao, Akella Kanakam, Phani Yedlapalli 277-281
Some Operations defined on Subspaces via $\alpha$-Open Sets PDF
Hariwan Zikri Ibrahim, Alias B. Khalaf 283-291

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