Vol 18, No 1 (2020)

March (Applied Nonlinear Analysis)

International Workshop on Applied Nonlinear Analysis (IWANA 2019), September 12-14, 2019, Bangsaen, Chonburi, Thailand
Guest Editors:
- Juan Martínez-Moreno, Universidad de Jaén, Spain
- Parin Chaipunya, KMUTT, Thailand
- Antonio Francisco Roldan-Lopez-de-Hierro, University of Granada, Spain
- Supak Phiangsungnoen, RMUTR, Thailand

Table of Contents


Common fixed points of modified Picard-S iteration process involving two G-nonexpansive mapping in CAT(0) space with directed graph PDF
Sabiya Khatoon, Izhar Uddin, Nuttapol Pakkaranang, Nopparat Wairojjana 1-13
Digital Image Restoration : A Comparison Study between Inverse and Weiner Filtering Algorithms (IWFA) PDF
Chuanpit Mungkala, Duangkamon Kitkuan 14-37
Fixed point results for $\alpha_s$-nonexpensive mappings on partial $b$-metric spaces PDF
Pakeeta Sukprasert, Muhammad Nazam, Muhammad Arshad, Khanitin Muangchoo-in 38-52
An Fuzzy Scaled Weighted Variance S Control Chart for Skewed Populations PDF
Kanittha Yimnak, Rungsarit Intaramo 53-62
A double forward-backward algorithm using linesearches for minimization problem PDF
Prasit Cholamjiak, Kunrada Kankam, Phootares Srinet, Nattawut Pholasa 63-76
Fixed point theorems for Meir-Keeler condensing operators in partially ordered Banach spaces PDF
Nopparat Wairojjana, Habib ur Rehman, Muhammad Sirajo Abdullahi, Nuttapol Pakkaranang 77-93
An Extragradient Method without Monotonicity PDF
Thidaporn Seangwattana, Somyot Plubtieng, Tadchai Yuying 94-103
Jungck-type Fixed Point Theorem in 0-complete Partial bv(s)-Metric Spaces PDF
Muhammad Sirajo Abdullahi, Phumin Sumalai, Dhananjay Gopal, Poom Kumam 104-112
Some Fixed Point Results on Mb-Metric Spaces via Simulation Functions PDF
Benjawan Rodjanadid, Jessada Tanthanuch 113-125
Convergence of Inertial Modified Krasnoselskii-Mann Iteration with Application to Image Recovery PDF
Anantachai Padcharoen, Poom Kumam, Parin Chaipunya, Yekini Shehu 126-142
Hybrid Extragradient Scheme for Split Variational Inclusion in Hilbert Spaces PDF
jitsupa deepho 143-165
An Accelerated Subgradient Extragradient Algorithm for Strongly Pseudomonotone Variational Inequality Problems PDF
Jamilu Abubakar, Kamonrat Sombut, Habib ur Rehman, Abdulkarim Hassan Ibrahim 166-187
Extend Suzuki's mapping in Hadamard spaces PDF
Duangkamon Kitkuan, Kanikar Muangchoo 188-198
A Modified Dynamic Equation of Evasion Differential Game Problem in a Hilbert space PDF
Jewaidu Rilwan, Poom Kumam, Abbas Ja'afaru Badakaya, Idris Ahmed 199-211
Derivative-free RMIL conjugate gradient method for convex constrained equations PDF
Abdulkarim Hassan Ibrahim, Abor Isah Garba, Halima Usman, Jamilu Abubakar, Auwal Bala Abubakar 212-232
Non-differentiable Delay-interval-dependent Exponentially Passive Conditions for Certain Neutral Integro-differential Equations with Time-varying Delays PDF
Watcharin Chartbupapan, Thongchai Botmart, Kanit Mukdasai, Narongrit Kaewbanjak 233-251
Modified Almost Type Z-contraction PDF
Pheerachate Bunpatcharacharoen, Sompob Saelee, Phachara Saipara 252-260
A modified parallel hybrid subgradient extragradient method for finding common solutions of variational inequality problems PDF
Ponkamon Kitisak, Watcharaporn Cholamjiak, Damrongsak Yambangwai, Ritthicha Jaidee 261-274
A new guaranteed cost control for asymptotic stabilization of neural network with mixed time-varying delays via feedback control PDF
Chalida Phanlert, Thongchai Botmart, Wajaree Weera, Patarawadee Prasertsang 275-294
Applications of Generalized Picture Fuzzy Soft Set in Concept Selection PDF
Muhammad Jabir Khan, Supak Phiangsungnoen, Habib ur Rehman, Wiyada Kumam 296-314
A new iterative scheme using inertial technique for the split feasibility problem with application to compressed sensing PDF
Suparat Kesornprom, Prasit Cholamjiak 315-332
New exponential stability criterion for neutral system with interval time-varying mixed delays and nonlinear uncertainties PDF
Boonyachat Meesuptong, Kanit Mukdasai, Issaraporn Khonchaiyaphum 333-349
An extragradient algorithm for strongly pseudomonotone equilibrium problems on Hadamard manifolds PDF
Konrawut Khammahawong, Poom Kumam, Parin Chaipunya, Jen-Chih Yao, Ching-Feng Wen, Wachirapong Jirakitpuwapat 350-371
A Combinatorial Formula for Powers of $3 \times 3$ Matrices and some Combinatorial Identities PDF
Naraporn Na Chanta, Penying Rochanakul 372-383
A spherically vicinal mapping on geodesic spaces with curvature bounded above PDF
Takuto Kajimura, Yasunori Kimura 384-393
Four-Layer Distance Metric and Distance-based Kernel Functions for Inductive Logic Programming PDF
Nirattaya Khamsemanan, Cholwich Nattee, Masayuki Numao 394-410
Solutions of nonlinear time-fractional wave-like equations with variable coefficients in the form of mittag-leffler functions PDF
Ali Khalouta, Abdelouahab KADEM 411-424
Explicit and implicit iterative schemes with balanced mappings in Hadamard spaces PDF
Yasunori Kimura 425-434
New Results on Delay-Interval-Dependent Robust Exponential Stability for Uncertain Neutral-Type Systems with Mixed Time-Varying Delays and Nonlinear Perturbations PDF
Nayika Samorn, Kanit Mukdasai, Prem Junsawang, Sirada Pinjai 435-452
Existence and Ulam stability of solution to fractional order hybrid differential equations of variable order PDF
Norravich Limpanukorn, Parinya Sa Ngiamsunthorn 453-463
Weak convergence for equilibrium problems involving nonexpansive and nonspreading multivalued mappings PDF
Watcharaporn Cholamjiak, Prasit Cholamjiak 464-476
Tykhonov Well-Posedness for Parametric Generalized Vector Equilibrium Problems PDF
Panu Yimmuang, Rabian Wangkeeree 477-487
Generalized Hadamard Well-Posed for Lexicographic Vector Equilibrium Problems PDF
Thanatporn Bantaojai, Lam Quoc Anh, Pham Thi Vui 488-500
Spectral three-term conjugate descent method for solving nonlinear monotone equations with convex constraints PDF
Auwal Bala Abubakar, Jewaidu Rilwan, Seifu Endris Yimer, Abdulkarim Hassan Ibrahim, Idris Ahmed 501-517
Hybrid delay feedback control for mixed H$_\infty$ /passive synchronization of complex dynamical networks with time-varying and mixed coupling delay PDF
Arthit Hongsri, Thongchai Botmart, Wajaree Weera, Narongsak Yotha 518-538

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