Special Issue (2020): Annual Meeting in Mathematics 2019

The 24th Annual Meeting in Mathematics (AMM 2019) organized by Departments of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Burapha University, Thailand.

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Sineenart Srimongkol
Convergence in Hausdorff Content of Generalized Simultaneous Pade Approximants PDF
Methawee Wajasat, Nattapong Bosuwan 1-23
A Note on the Rate of Convergence of Poles of Generalized Hermite-Pade Approximants PDF
Nattapong Bosuwan 25-37
Connections of (m, n)-bi-quasi Hyperideals in Semihyperrings PDF
Bundit Pibaljommee, Warud Nakkhasen 39-48
On 2-absorbing Primary Ideals in Commutative Γ-semirings PDF
Nuttawut Sangjaer, Sajee Pianskool 49-60
Jensen’s Type Inequalities Involving Tracy-Singh Products, Khatri-Rao Products, Tracy-Singh Sums and Khatri-Rao Sums PDF
Arnon Ploymukda, Pattrawut Chansangiam 61-80
On ∆-Convergence Theorems in b-CAT(0) Spaces PDF
Cholatis Suanoom 81-88
The Rectangular Quasi-Metric Space and Common Fixed Point Theorem for ψ-Contraction and ψ-Kannan Mappings PDF
Wongvisarut Khuangsatung, Saowapak Chan-iam, Patchara Muangkarn, Cholatis Suanoom 89-101
Finite Integration Method via Chebyshev Polynomial Expansion for Solving 2-D Linear Time-Dependent and Linear Space-Fractional Differential Equations PDF
Ratinan Boonklurb, Ampol Duangpan, Arnont Saengsiritongchai 103-131
Some Forbidden Rectangular Chessboards with Generalized Knight’s Moves PDF
Sirirat Singhun, Krit Karudilok, Ratinan Boonklurb 133-145
Exact Solutions of the Conformable Space-Time Chiral Nonlinear Schrodinger’s Equations PDF
Sekson Sirisubtawee, Nattawut Khansai, Sanoe Koonprasert, Montri Torvattanabun 147-166
Some Remarks on Paramedial Semigroups and Medial Semigroups PDF
Nares Sawatraksa, Chaiwat Namnak, Chaiwat Namnak 167-176
Limit Distribution Functions for Sums of the Reciprocals of a Power of Tangent of Random Variables PDF
Kittipong Laipaporn, Kanokwan Burimas, Petcharat Rattanawong 177-190
Strong Convergence of the Shrinking Projection Method for the Split Equilibrium Problem and an Infinite Family of Relatively Nonexpansive Mappings in Banach spaces PDF
Nutchari Niyamosot, Warunun Inthakon 191-205
Analytical Solution for a 3D Model of the Airflow in a Human Upper Respiratory Tract PDF
Chatvarin Tasawang, Supachara Kongnuan 207-222
The Existence Theorem for a Coincidence Point of Some Admissible Contraction Mappings in a Generalized Metric Space PDF
Anchalee Khemphet 223-235
On some Algrebraic Structures of AG*-groupoids PDF
Punyapat Kammoo, Chaiwat Namnak 237-246
The Characterization of Caterpillars with Multidimension 3 PDF
Varanoot Khemmani, Supachoke Isariyapalakul 247-259
Domination Game on Powers of Cycles PDF
Nattakritta Chantarachada, Chalermpong Worawannotai 261-268
A Non-standard Ternary Representation of Integers PDF
Wipawee Tangjai 269-283
Left and Right Magnifying Elements in Certain Linear Transformation Semigroups PDF
Pongsan Prakitsri 285-291
Common Fixed Point Theorems for Firmly Nonspreading Mappings and Quasi-Nonexpansive Mappings in CAT(0) Spaces PDF
Tanaphong Prommai, Attapol Kaewkhao, Warunun Inthakon 293-301
Permanence and Global Attractivity of a HPA Axis Model Related to Depression PDF
Teerarat Arunrat, Sanoe Koonprasert, Sekson Sirisubtawee 303-323
Makespan Minimization for Parallel Machines Environment with Machine Dependent Processing Time by Using PBIL Combined with Local Search PDF
Pensiri Sompong, Sungkom Srisomporn 325-337
Automatic Defect Detection for Mango Fruit Using Non-Extensive Entropy with Gaussian Gain PDF
Kotchakorn Tiemtud, Pornpimon Saprasert, Thanikarn Tormo, Saifon Chaturantabut 339-349
Numerical Solutions of the Elliptic Differential and the Planetary Motion Equations by Haar Wavelet - Quasilinearization Technique PDF
Rawipa Yangchareonyuanyong, Sanoe Koonprasert, Sekson Sirisubtawee 351-370
A Numerical Study of Efficient Sampling Strategies for Randomized Singular Value Decomposition PDF
Siriwan Intawichai, Saifon Chaturantabut 371-385
Solving the Poisson Process in Conformable Fractional Calculus Sense by Homotopy Perturbation Method PDF
Sirawit Makaew, Khomsan Neamprem, Sanoe Koonprasert 387-399
Improved Bounds on the Size of Separating Hash Families of Short Length PDF
Penying Rochanakul 401-412

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