Vol 19, No 2 (2021)


Table of Contents


Investigation of Fractional and Ordinary Differential Equations via Fixed Point Theory‎ PDF
Javad Hamzehnejadi, Rahmatollah Lashkaripour 297-314
The Structure of Fixed Points Set of a Type of Generalized Nonexpansive Mappings in Convex Metric Spaces PDF
Mohammad Moosaei 315-324
An Accelerated Forward-Backward Algorithm with Applications to Image Restoration Problems PDF
Kobkoon Janngam, Suthep Suantai 325-339
The Endospectrum of (n - 3)-Regular Graphs of Order n PDF
Nirutt Pipattanajinda 341-349
Continuous Spectrum of Robin Nonhomogeneous Elliptic Problems with Variable Exponents PDF
Mostafa Allaoui, Abdelrachid El Amrouss, Anass Ourraoui 351-363
Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities for g-GA-Convex Dominated Functions PDF
İmdat İşcan 365-370
On Generalized Carleson Operator with Application in Walsh Type Wavelet Packet Expansions PDF
Shyam Lal, Susheel Kumar 371-385
On Semiprime and Quasi-Semiprime Ideals in Ordered AG-Groupoids PDF
Pairote Yiarayong 387-398
On 0-Minimal (0,2)-Bi-Hyperideal of Semihypergroups PDF
Samkhan Hobanthad 399-405
On Fixed Points in Quasi Partial b-Metric Spaces and an Application to Dynamic Programming PDF
Hassen Aydi, Abdelbasset Felhi, Slah Sahmim 407-419
Screen Semi-Slant Lightlike Submanifolds of Indefinite Kaehler Manifolds PDF
Shiv Sharma Shukla, Akhilesh Yadav 421-430
Three-Step Iterative Scheme for Solvability of Generalized Quasi-Variational Like Inclusions in Hilbert spaces PDF
Mohd Iqbal Bhat, Bisma Zahoor 431-444
Remarks on G-Metric Spaces and Related Fixed Point Theorems PDF
Wasfi Shatanawi, Anwar Bataihah 445-455
On Ideally Slowly Oscillating Continuity in Abstract Space PDF
Bipan Hazarika, Ayhan Esi 457-468
A Study of New Type of Minimal Open and Maximal Closed Sets PDF
Halgwrd Mohammed Darwesh 469-477
Forecasting Art Prices with Bayesian Models PDF
Vandana -, Deepmala -, Krzysztof Drachal, Lakshmi Narayan Mishra 479-491
Stability of Some Iteration Schemes in Cone Banach Spaces PDF
Dipankar Das, Nilakshi Goswami 493-501
Solving Split Monotone Variational Inclusion Problem and Fixed Point Problem for Certain Multivalued Maps in Hilbert Spaces. PDF
Ferdinard Udochukwu Ogbuisi, Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo 503-520
On Hankel Type Integral Transform Associated with Whittaker and Hypergeometric Functions PDF
Mohd Ghayasuddin, Waseem Ahmad Khan, Lakshmi Narayan Mishra 521-527
L-Fuzzy Fixed Point Theorems for L-Fuzzy Mappings Satisfying Rational Inequality PDF
Muhammad Sirajo Abdullahi, Akbar Azam 529-541
Subclasses of Bi-Sakaguchi Function Associated with $q-$Difference Operato PDF
S. O. Olatunji, M. A. Adeniyi, H Dutta 543-549
Existence of the Relatively Compact Fundamental Domain for Hypergroups PDF
Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabaie, Rajab Ali Kamyabi Gol, Soheila Jokar 551-556
L-Fuzzy Relations via Proximal Spaces PDF
Ozlem Tekin, Mehmet Ali Öztürk, Ebubekir İnan 557-570
Some Fixed Point Results for a New Multivalued Hybrid Mapping in Geodesic Spaces PDF
Emirhan Hacıoğlu, Vatan Karakaya 571-581
A Cone Generalized b-Metric Like Space over Banach Algebra and Contraction Principle PDF
Zoran D. Mitrovic, Aziz Ahmed, J. N. Salunke 583-592
Binary Code Properties of Perfect Matching in Hexagonal Graph PDF
Asekha Khantavchai, Thiradet Jiarasuksakun 593-605
Sparse Pinball Twin Parametric Margin Support Vector Machine PDF
Urairat Deepan, Poom Kumam, Parin Chaipunya 607-622
The Convergence Results for an AK-Generalized Nonexpansive Mapping in Hilbert Spaces PDF
Cholatis Suanoom, Wongvisarut Khuangsatung 623-634
The Method for Solving the Split Equality Variational Inequality Problem and Application PDF
Chinda Chaichuay, Atid Kangtunyakarn 635-652
Critical Point Equation on 3-Dimensional Trans-Sasakian Manifolds PDF
Dibakar Dey 653-663
A Simultaneous Scheme for Solving Systems of Inclusion and Equilibrium Problems in a Real Banach Space PDF
Lateef Olakunle. Jolaoso, Ferdinard Udochukwu Ogbuisi, Olawale Kazeem Oyewole, Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo, Prasit Cholamjiak 665-684
Interpolative Ciric-Reich-Rus Type Contractions in b-Metric Spaces PDF
M. Pitchaimani, K. Saravanan 685-692
Splitting Proximal Algorithms for Convex Optimizations over Metric Spaces with Curvature Bounded Above PDF
Sakan Termkaew, Poom Kumam, Parin Chaipunya 693-711
Related Gauss-Winkler Type Inequality for Fuzzy and Pseudo-Integrals PDF
Bayaz Daraby, Fatemeh Rostampour, Ali Reza Khodadadi, Asghar Rahimi 713-724
Chromatic Numbers of Suborbital Graphs for Some Hecke Groups PDF
Woratham Khangtragool, Khuanchanok Chaichana 725-738

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